Please also have a look at the following plugins:

Launchpad Step Sequencer "Lauflicht"

The plugin "Lauflicht Step Sequencer" for Renoise makes of your Novation Launchpad a moving light step sequencer with 8, 16 or 32 Steps, unlimited tracks, with the possibilty to use your own samples, MIDI or VSTI instruments for each track and is an ideal tool for playing live on stage or in the studio.

DJ Tool: Crossfader

With the Crossfader you can crossfade the volume between tracks or send tracks. The two crossfader sliders (Master/Cue) can be controlled via Midi. When ASIO and multiple outputs are available, it is also possible to determine additional send tracks for cueing/prelistening the mixing with headphones. To achieve that, you have to set four send devices: two master and two prelistening sends. Then set per track two send devices: First the prelistening Send with "Keep source" enabled, and then as master with "Mute source" enabled.